Safety Gate Types & Placements

Once we begin working with you to create a safer space for infants and children, the next step is determining which type of safety gates are right for your environment. Gate types include standard safety gates, as well as custom safety gates.

Gate placement is always at the top AND the bottom of any staircase that is accessible to little ones. No matter what type of home you live in, every top-of-stairs safety gate we install is hardware mounted. Pressure mounted gates are unsafe for top-of-stairs installation because they can be pushed down and cause a fall.

Our goal is to help improve the safety of as many households as we can, no matter what your income. If you need financial assistance with your gate installation(s), please fill out the Darbi's Gate Financial Aid application. Families that do not need financial aid are encouraged to donate whatever amount they're comfortable with in return for our installing safety gates in the home. Every donation helps us install more gates, which means more kids are safe!

To follow are some examples of the standard and custom safety gates we've installed.

Standard Gates

Standard Safety Gates Child Safety 2Child Safety Gates Stair Safety 2Safety Gates Child Safety 2

Custom Baby Gates

Our Amazing Partner:


Gatekeepers was born out of the need to protect children with a durable and completely reliable baby gate. They have perfected the baby gate by custom crafting each one to fit its intended home or business with maple, oak or cherry woods and unlimited Sherwin Williams stain or paint color options.

Their most popular baby gate system is the Swing Gate pictured below. Custom made to fit any size stairway, door opening or hallway, this gate is perfect for high traffic areas such as the top and bottom of stairws. And, Gatekeeper gates offer an innovative slide rail system that allows for easy removal when not in use.

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Custom Safety Gates & Stair Safety 3Custom Child Safety Gates 5Child Safety Gates Custom Safety Gates 6

Custom Safety Gates & Stair Safety 3Custom Child Safety Gates 5Child Safety Gates Custom Safety Gates 6