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Rick and Stacie McFall have been married since 1998, and are the proud parents of three beautiful girls. Delanie their oldest daughter, Danae is their middle daughter, and Darbi was the baby of the family. Delanie loves to read and has a wonderful creative mind. Danae loves to be outdoors and is the social butterfly of the neighborhood. Darbi loved anything that had to do with her sisters!

The McFall family suffered its greatest loss on April 9, 2012, when Darbi lost her life due to a tragic fall down the stairs while at daycare. Darbi's death could have been avoided if the babysitter had used a safety gate to restrict Darbi's access to the stairs. She was only 11 months old.

Nothing can prepare a family for the loss of a child. The depth of sorrow Rick, Stacie and their girls experienced is indescribable. But with Delanie and Danae, sorrow quickly turned to concern. "How do we get Darbi's toys to heaven?" And although they still miss their baby sister, the girls happily remember Darbi and often wonder what she is doing in heaven.

Taking inspiration from their girls, Rick and Stacie began to consider the best way to honor Darbi's life. It was important to the entire family that Darbi was remembered, and that their tragic loss might save other families from the same heartache.

Protecting children from falls became their mission, and the Darbi's Gate Foundation was the natural next step. The foundation's goal is to educate caregivers, and provide the community with proper stair safety that protects children from falls "one step at a time."

As their journey unfolded, Rick and Stacie were fortunate to become partners with Gatekeepers, LLC, a custom child safety gate manufacturer that provides them with incredible safety gates. With Gatekeepers in their corner, they're able to help more families — and protect more children from stair falls.


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